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Highly simple illustrations of faces


Moscow-based professional photographer Alexander Khoikhoi makes use of the human face as his canvas for creating graphic , black and white pictures . From the WiFi icon to the miss of a pulse line throughout his version’s eyes, Chekhov’s vision is amazingly special . Instead of relying on canvas, paper, or other artificial material as his foundation , Khoikhoi counts on the beauty and lines of the womanly face to form this project , qualified Weird Charm . The well developed face art, combined with simple as well as classy women faces, presents viewers with an intricate optical illusion of favorable and adverse space . Check out the unique pictures listed below. So look into face black and white now. If you are searching for black and white faces, you have come on the remarkable blog post. Via: My Modern Met

Alexander Khokhlov’s website
via [PetaPixel]

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