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Pretty incredible castaway movie island


When a movie is being shot in different places , there are various stories you may discover behind the scenes You can easily observe different interesting facts behind these different scenes and if you observe thoroughly you will discover that of these different shots are not that easy to shoot. There are various movies, which are shot in some remote places and you might discover various interesting stories and some genuine facts behind these various scenes. If are interested to understand about these different facts , you can take a look at the link. Also you can check all the details of these various scenes. So search for shipwreck tattoo designs right now. If you’re exploring for true stories of survival, you have land on the awesome website. Via: ODDEE

Picture Shows: Ed Stafford on Olorua Island in Fiji after spending 60 days alone on an uninhabited island

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: The seal in the dinghy) – A newly-wed couple were stranded on a remote island three miles from the mainland when a giant bull seal climbed into their inflatable dinghy and refused to budge for four days. Eddie Stabbings, 35, and his bride Bee Bunche, 36, spent their first three months of married life together with a colony of Atlantic grey seals on Smoker Island off the Pembroke shire coast. But their wildlife adventure took an unexpected turn when a giant seal set up residence in the dinghy they used to reach the mainland. Eddie and Bee were married in August and returned to the windswept island where they are wildlife wardens just in time for the seal pupping season. SEE CATERS COPY
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