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Pretty perfect modern mural painting


Redditor all the robotics offered a lucky kid one of the coolest gifts ever. At the demand of his pals , the professional artist painted this incredible Calvin and Hobbes wall mural for their infant ‘s nursery. The timeless picture of the daring duo relaxing on a tree branch is playfully recreated using latex paint to simulate the common watercolors utilized in comic strip creator Bill Watterson’s initial image. The artist took a systematic method and recorded his progress as he applied the paint in steps based on color. Beginning with yellows and oranges and moving on to blues, browns, and additional colors, the painter completed the mural, so have a look at the images to see how it looks.So look into modern mural painting you always wanted. If you are looking for modern mural painting, you have actually land on the awesome blog post. Via: My Modern Met

via [reddit]

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