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Pretty remarkable young lee Pink berry


A Korean lady called Shelly Twang is a US C graduate who ran two unsuccessful franchises prior to opening Pink berry. Due to uncooperative next-door neighbors and the denial of their alcohol license, Twang and Lee gave up on the tea house and decided rather to transform the area to a frozen yogurt shop . Pink berry opens in January 2005 and just offered $70 their very first month, but within four months they were making a profit. Their very first major break came in August 2005 when they were mentioned by Daily Candy. They later received a $27.5 million financial investment from a financial backing company established by Starbucks’ Howard Schultz which turned their futures around. So start searching for Shelly Twang you always wanted. If you’re browsing for Yolanda Santos, you have land on the perfect blog post. Via: My Modern Met

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