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Pretty special national geographic Bolivia


The National Geographic Photography material is among one of the most prestigious in the world . From Mirror Wave, an ideal mirror reflection caught among st the beautiful red rock in Arizona, to Floating Car , a sensational reflection of an automobile chance at the globe’s biggest salt flat , each image is virtually assured to offer you an extraordinary amount of wanderlust. Below are much more awe-inspiring photos that make sure to awaken your travel-desiring spirit. You now only have until June 30 to submit your finest traveling picture right into this competition. Bear in mind, there are 4 major categories – Traveling Portraits , Exterior Scenes, Sense of Place , and also Spontaneous Minutes . So start checking out allure peter like you always needed. If you’re exploring for nature shots, you have land on the perfect page. Via: My Modern Met

Stunning Aurora Borealis seen just on the outskirts of Troms¯ in Norway.
This guy was having so much fun swimming along and then doing a loop before surfacing. Was beautiful to watch and amazing to capture!
Rivers forming tree-like figures in the desert of Baja California, MÈxico
On the west of Mount Merapi, is the 1km wide turquoise colored acid crater lake called Kawah Ijen
It is the world’s largest highly acidic lake (pH<0.5) and it lies inside a larger caldera of the Ijen Volcanoes
To capture this photo, I had to start climbing a steep 3km track before sunrise. Upon arrival, I waited until the sun was just behind Mount Merapi, allowing me to expose the lake’s turquoise color in shadow while the rest of the environment was well lit.
Luckily, the wind had also swept across just in time, clearing to rising smoke to expose the wondrous landscape in-front of me.
These two dolphins where playing out in the deeper ocean for some time, as the set of waves came through they followed the lump of swell towards the shore racing each other for the key position, as the wave started breaking one pulled off the back as to not ‘drop in’ on the other.
Young cub baboon jumping around captured in Moremi, Okavango Delta, Botswana.
As full autumn hits the valley of Hallingdal in Norway, this bear chills out in a tree which seems to barely cover its weight.
At 14,000ft in icy winds this llama was completely at home. It was a different world for me.
I’d like to think that we shared a moment.
This photo, taken at the ‘end of the world’ swing in Banos, Ecuador, captures a man on the swing overlooking an erupting Mt. Tungurahua. The eruption took place on February 1st, 2014. Minutes after the photo was taken, we had to evacuate the area because of an incoming ash cloud.
Seeing the shafts of light in the canyon is one of the most amazing things Iíve ever seen. It was a surreal feeling being surrounded by the towering cliffs. The only way I could capture this special moment of the weeping walls was after an incredibly torrential rain. I knew I had to get to a shallow portion of the river to unfold my tripod. I was drenched from head to toe by the falling water. Mist and rain covered the camera, but I fired a few shots. As I stood in awe of the scene, the sun broke through for a few seconds and cast Godís rays into the side lit waterfall.
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