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Quite cute trees under water


Christmas is not an event that is memorialized on arid land only and also the credit history for this goes to a variety of thrilling tiny animals that offer the submarine environment a happy touch. This genus , which has the scientific name of Spirochetes gigantic, is most frequently called by Xmas tree worm, which is its colloquial name. Breeding in the tropical parts throughout the globe , these beings erect calcium carbonate-based building and constructions that protect them versus killers. On the coast being clear, these emerge from their coverings and push out as mini Christmas trees do. Secured to their lively, coiled backs are arms that resemble hair that assist them in breathing as well as gathering food bits . So start looking for mini Christmas tree you always needed. If you’re looking for festive Christmas tree, you have come on the perfect blog post. Via: My Modern Met

Christmas Tree Worm (Spirobranchus giganteus) on Symmetrical Brain Coral (Diploria strigosa), Utila, Honduras, Central America

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