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Quite stunning strange addiction


If you believe that addiction may describe just taking alcohol, tobacco or heroine then you should enter into this connect to alter your perception . Here you will get to know about some weird dependencies that can make you shocked . Did you know that desire to take ice regularly can be an addiction and going through plastic surgery is also another addiction . There are some unusual dependencies talked about in this webpage elaborately. Click on the link and check out whether you have any of these dependencies that you might unknown as dependency at all. So check out weird obsessions TV show you always needed. If you are trying to search for eating dirt addiction, you have stay on the appropriate website.Via: OODDEE

Crack-berry: addiction to BlackBerry

Addiction to Cosmetic Surgery


Geophagy: addiction to Dirt

Addiction to Funerals

Pagophagia: addiction to Ice

Tanorexia: addiction to Tannings

Teeth Whitening Addiction



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