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Really cute central park images new York


Photo fans along with the expert photographers must not miss to see this wonderful website link revealed above. The spectacular pictures of the Central Park in America are well shared in this great link. All the images as shared in the link are not only awesome but also few are truly awesome. Numerous may not be conscious of the fact that this Central Park was the very first landscaped public park in the history of the America. It is likewise completely man-made as the inside lakes, streams and ponds were all created artificially and the only natural feature on site is exposed bedrock, called Manhattan Schist.

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If you are trying to look for central park images new York, you have actually land on the best page.Via: My Modern Met

From the roof of a friend of a friend about 30 minutes before sunset. I think. It was too cloudy to know when the sun actually set. Looking north from 56th Street. From here, you can see the George Washington Bridge across the Hudson River, about 5 miles up. I went with a smaller aperture to get a longer exposure, and I think image quality suffered a little bit as a result.
Single exposure / f/18 / 12mm (18mm=) / 4s / ISO 100
Large on black.
Huge 2000-pixel-wide version.

Fifth Avenue Residence, View of Central Park

From the roof of a friend of a friend a couple weeks back, looking north from around 57th Street over Central Park and the Upper West Side. You can see the George Washington Bridge faintly. Too tired to go out tonight after an 18-mile bike ride and kayaking on the Hudson this afternoon. Hoping for some new comps this week. 14mm (21mm=).
Large on black.

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