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Really outstanding serial killer cannibal


A serial executioner is characterized as somebody who kills 3 or more people over an extracted stretch of time. They are usually male and have a “cover of logical stability “. This suggests that initially look, they appear, by all accounts, to be regular well behaved subjects with a terrific mien. In any case, beneath their veneer serial executioners are sociopaths who do not have the capacity to relate to the torment of their casualties. Browsed on the page of the url to learn around 10 of the scariest serial executioners ever captured! So search for california serial killers right now. If you are searching for prostitute serial killer, you have stay on the appropriate website.Via: ODDEE

Andrei Chikatilo

Dennis Rader

Ted Bundy

Ed Gein


Henry Lee Lucas

Jeffrey Dahmer

John Wayne Gacy

Richard Trenton Chase

Gary Ridgway

Aileen Wuornos

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